Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry December!

Merry December everyone!! I bet everyone is starting to get their jingle on and their homes ready for the holidays... aren't you? Well, I've been gradually adding Christmas decor daily. I keep finding little "spots" that need to be decorated. Here is my mantle (for now anyways) I have a new garland that I made this year. I followed Colleens Rag Tied Garland Tutorial on her blog "And Baby Makes Five".....here is the result... Ta Da!!!! What do ya think? I made one for my BFF too and she really loves it. She has tons of great ideas on there!! Thanks Colleen!! I just whipped these up in no time for gifts too! My youngest son Nicholas wants one with Spiderman fabric for above his window in his room. :)

Here's a closer look.
Do you still believe?? My oldest is fourteen and I told him that if he even so much as "breathes" that Santa isn't real, the consequences are grand!!!

More Christmas decor from around the house. Have you all finished your "be-decking" yet? As my friend Colleen put it... "It's hard to get anything decorated with kids and the hubs underfoot!!" I soooo agree Colleen!

Here is my "sheep" which I have out year round. The "joy" swag is always a favorite of mine. Given to me by a great friend.:)

Well, today is going to be short and sweet, but I hope to get a good recipe up on here for the Homemade Holiday Swap on Friday and some more photos. I have THE CUTEST set of winter blocks that my friend Kindra made for me. They are in my dining room. That's next to be photographed. I'm just waiting to get the tree trimmed in there before I show ya! If you haven't checked out Kindra's Blog.. you must!!!! Visit her at "3 guys, a girl and a prim place.blogspot" You will leave inspired!!!I have a fun wine tasting party to go to on Saturday, and I really need a good recipe for dip to bring. Any suggestions ladies??? I'm tired of making hot artichoke dip! I need something creative!!!


  1. Hi Kim!....what a cool garland you made! and I love all of the festive touches you've placed around!

    Gettin' the jingle on....I love it!


  2. Wow great job on the lights!! Ill have to search for that tutorial. I have a set of Kindra's blocks too. I love them. She is talented.

    Alana @ Just Nifty Thrifty

  3. Everything looks great so far. The garland turned out awesome.


  4. Love ... love ... love the garland and fabrics, Kim! Now how's about a picture of your snowman wreath?!

    Your Christmas touches look so sweet. I look forward to seeing more. I'm starting to make some headway in that department too. It feels so good!

    As for dips ... I posted a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip a while back. It's a favorite here. Along with a super easy salsa dip. Spread one block of cream cheese in the bottom of a microwaveable pie plate. Pour small jar salsa on top and then top everything with cheese. Cheddar or Mexican, whichever you prefer. Microwave for 6-8 minutes and serve with Tostitos. Always a hit. Red pepper jelly poured over a block of cream cheese and served with crackers is always nice this time of year.

    Hope all's well...