Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Bear Ski Trip!!

Hi everyone! Here are a few photos
from the ski trip last week!
It was a memorable trip right
from the start... flying into a
huge storm that left 3 feet of
snow in the mountains. Scary!!
Once we arrived after a rocky
flight, we drove up the mountains
from Palm Springs, CA. We
arrived at the Northwoods Resort
at Big Bear Mountain after
about a two hour drive.
What a fun time had by all!
Spencer, Gannon and Nick
went to ski school, and Andrew
was already a "pro"... so he
and Dad headed up the double
black diamond runs! YIKES!
I on the other hand, knowing
I had an upcoming surgery...
opted to stay at the bottom
of the hill and watch the ski school!
Have a warm and toasty Holiday
everyone! We are expecting a
huge Christmas blizzard! The
boys are thrilled with that news!!
Winter Blessings to you all!!


  1. Looks like a fun trip Kim! In all the years I lived in So.Cal. I think I only visited Big Bear twice! It's very pretty up there, thank you for sharing the pics!

    Merry Christmas to you and your's!

  2. Oh my! Look at all of those smiling boys!

    I'm so glad you had a memorable trip, Kim. And a safe one in spite of the storm.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderfully Merry Christmas!

    Are you ready????

  3. What a wonderful trip and the kids look so happy!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

    warm hugs, Linda

  4. Oh, Kim ... I'm so with you, my friend! I am all cooked and hostessed out too. But my brother's (and his fiancee's) travel plans changed so I have two more overnights and a New Year's Eve snack fest to host. Not to mention a lunchtime play date for my cousin and his kiddos tomorrow (His wife is out of town for a few days and he was looking for a diversion). Fun things all, but I'm running out of steam -- and quick ;D

    A movie night theme sounds like fun ... especially for the kiddos. If you're doing a sit down dinner, you could make place cards that look like movie tickets --> :: Admit ________ For Movie Night At The _________ ::

    A centerpiece could be a basket filled with things like a box of microwave popcorn (to pop later), a few boxes of movie candy to share, paper bags with the kids' names on them (to hold the popcorn), juice boxes/pouches, the movie(s) that will be watched, etc. You could do the same thing for the adults. Just change out the goodies -- different popcorn, tissues for a sad movie, adult beverages, etc.

    As for food .... I'm not sure what to suggest just yet... What movies will you be watching???

    If you let me know, I'll try to keep brainstorming with you. It already sounds like such a fun plan!

    And I love your new quilty background too.

    Hang in there, my friend ... We'll be able to take a breath, relax, and sit back soon.


  5. Thank you Kim.
    Try Laurie with Tip Junkie for more NYE ideas. Also Shannon with Eight Crazy..she also has a party blog. Creative something. Her link to Eight Crazy is on my blog on the side bar..she designed my blog.
    Good Luck. My entertaining is OVER! My house is clean and I'm just going to enjoy my home!

  6. Happy New Year Kim! I hope you are recovering and feeling better!