Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Elves Have Been Busy Around Here...wink,wink!

T.G.I.F !!

How are you all doing today? I am, uh, I mean
the Elves have been busy decorating,
wrapping and making gifts at
my house!! I posted more photos
of the holly jolly-ness around
our home due to lots of requests
to do so! Thanks for caring

AND It's Recipe Swap Day!!!
I have a great Cinnamon Latte
mix in a jar recipe posted after the photos
for you guys to make for all your
teachers, neighbors and anyone
else who likes warm rich coffee!
Who wouldn't right? Simply
Scroll down past the pics and it's there!
I put the mix in a cute vintage jar
and tied some sparkle ribbon on it.
They really take all of about
five minutes to make, so it's
a great snappy little gift to whip
up for someone!

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful
weekend! My family and I are heading
off for a much needed vacation with our
family in California! We are going skiing
at Big Bear Lake. The boys are sure
excited!!! Can't wait to see my sis and my
two adorable nephews!

I'll be back next week! Take care


2 small jars cinnamon flavor coffee mate powder
1 small jar french vanilla coffee mate powder
3/4 powdered coffee creamer
1 c. powdered sugar
1 c.powdered dry milk
1/2 C. dry instant coffee granules
* simple: just dump all into a huge bowl and give it a good mix. This makes a lot. About 6 cups worth. I then used a kitchen funnel to put into my jars.
Note: Don't forget to add a little tag to your gift jar telling them how to make their yummy
coffee: * Add 3 heaping tsp. to a mug of steaming hot water and stir!!


  1. Great pics Kim and what a gorgeous house you have!

    Have fun in CA, I was born and raised there!


  2. Your elves have done a fabulous job, my friend! Everything looks wonderful ... and I still love your red siding. Whew!

    The coffee mix sounds delicious and super easy too. Perfect for those little add-ons and hostess gifts. Thanks for the idea!

    Have a fantabulous getaway in CA and enjoy all of that family time.

    Safe travels, my friend...

  3. Love your Christmas decoarions. I especially love how you decorated the outside. I just noticed your dog in the window. LOL.