Monday, February 1, 2010

Grab a cup of coffee...Lots of show and tell !!!

Well.. I have to say I have been showered with gifts lately!! I want to share some birthday gifts from hubby and the kids first...

This is a beautiful hooked runner they got me! It looks perfect on the center island in the kitchen! I just love the warm colors in it!!
Next, is this darling salt box pillow!! It always amazes me what Jon and the kids pick out. The boys said they got this because it looks like OUR house. (We recently painted it red.) So cute!

They also got me this Paula Deen enameled pot. It is really big and PERFECT for soup and chilli! Thank you Jon and kiddos! I had a great birthday!!

Next up is a special ring my friend Jennifer gave me. It's hard to see in the picture, but it came with the most wonderful saying. "Whenever you wear this ring, know that you are loved just the way you are"... Awwwww, puts tears in my eyes! She also took me out for lunch at Truffles & Tortes in Anoka. We had a wonderful time! Thanks Jen!!

This adorable doll was HAND MADE for me by my friend Renee!!! She is so cute and notice the clothespin hands and sweet face. She came with a prim pumpkin to hold in fall time, but I switched it out for Valentines Day and added a heart. She is such a talented girl! I love it Renee!!!

Here we have a wonderful surprise from Maine!! My blog buddy Colleen sent me these WONDERFUL salt dough sweethearts and wintertime bowl fillers.... also in the box was some yummy chocolates, a great smelling Yankee votive and a sweet card! she makes THE BEST salt dough goodies! How lucky I am to have met her! I was so taken back by her kind surprise package in the mail!!!! Thank you my friend!! P.S. If you want to know how to make these adorable salt dough bowl fillers, visit her blog at www.andbabymakesfive.blogspot !! She has great tutorials for you!! (scroll down to see how I displayed my new goodies!!)

My friend Nicole gave me this cute heart votive and a great assortment of candles to go with it! She invited me over and surprised me with a wonderful birthday dessert too! You are so sweet Nicole!!
When I think of you all, my heart swells with gratitude for you and your friendship and love! I am truly blessed!!!!
Thanks for visiting, I'll be back for Whatchya Workin on Wednesday. I will have a ticking stripe cupboard curtain that I am working on!