Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Patriotic Fun!

Greetings Friends! I have added some great photos of our July 4th Picnic. Also I have had so many requests to show some photos of our home, I added a couple of those too! I am having a little technical trouble "labeling" the photos, sorry about that. I am still learning how this all works! I have been reflecting on our great holiday weekend, and I am truly so grateful for our wonderful family and friends! I have also been blessed with some new blogging friends.. Kindra and Renee! It has been so much fun getting to know them! I hope you enjoy the photos and please send some comments my way. Simply click on the comments icon and follow the directions! Blessings to you all...until next time!

Spencer, Gannon and Nick getting ready for the fireworks!

Fun times Jennifer, Roy and Alan enjoying the picnic!

Tyler, Nicholas and Hunter having fun!

Spencer, Connor and Gannon by the tree

The Gang at the Park!

July 4th fun lights!


  1. I've been so blessed to "meet" you too, Kim. :) I love all the Americana photos! Looks like everyone had a great time! Love the lights, too. My boys would of likes some of those. :)

  2. Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog. I too, love to meet a new friend and this blogging has been so much fun for me! Your boys are adorable! Stop by again soon, I've added you to my favs!

  3. Kim,
    Thanks for the email! I'm glad you gave me the link to your blog as well! Although it just means a few more minutes away from my kids,lol! Blogging is very addictive!

    I've been fortune enough to meet Kindra as well, and can't wait to get to know you as well! You've got a beautiful family! And what's even better is your a fellow Nebraska mom! Got to love "meeting" new people you can hopfully get to meet in real life!

    I suppose, I'm making this long enough, but my "big boy" is getting up. He decided at 5am that he was taking the day off! LOVELY...which means NOTHING is getting done at my house today! Ugh. Have a great day/week! Thanks for stoping by the blog, and feel free to comment anytime! :)


    Oh, and before I forget, I'll pass this on to you since I saw the other Junk link in your bottom! I've got to pass it on to Kindra as well, I'm thinking it'd be fun to get a group of us to go! But who knows! Anywho here it is!
    Nebraska's Junk Jaunt : http://junkjaunt.com

  4. What a fun time and how beautiful you all are....