Thursday, July 2, 2009

Attention Walmart Shoppers!

Wow! I can't believe the Fourth of July is Saturday!! Even more shocking is the amount of people that are already out and about doing pre-holiday stock up and shopping. I am literally scared for my life at times when I go to our local Walmart. (lol) Where do these people come from?? Well, I will quit rambling. The boys are excited about fireworks, but if you haven't heard, Elk River is NOT having them this year due to budget cuts. I think that is happening all over these days. We might head up to Princeton to see theirs, and Jon might decide to dig out his arsenal of fireworks and light them off in the street. We did that one year, and it was better than going anywhere. He put up a screen on our garage and we all sat in the "bug-free" zone and had a blast. The only thing was that I could NOT get over my fears of him losing a limb in the process! The boys and I are heading off to see Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs today and then I will brave the mobs and pick up some blue cheese for my salad I am making for our July Fourth picnic. Wish me luck!

How to Make Star Luminarias~

You will need: White lunch bags, sand, glass votives with candles and a hole punch for this project.

*To Make: Punch a star design on the front and back of each white bag. Fill with about one cup of sand. Add the votive candles and ta-da, you have a great night time decoration.

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